Acceptance and Preference Test


In an increasingly competitive market, we need to clearly know our product, how it is perceived by the consumer, and be able to highlight everything that makes it stronger in the market.

To do so, it is advisable to carry out an Acceptance and Preference Test, which will allow us to:

  • Know how the product is perceived at a sensory level
  • To study whether it responds well to consumer needs and expectations
  • To know if it is well positioned in the market
  • Analyze its strengths and/or weaknesses and compare them with counterpart products.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to propose the study in order to support an AFFECTIVE / PRODUCT PERCEPTION CLAIM.

All those sensory attributes that stand out from the product, and are perceived by the consumer, can be susceptible to be indicated on the packaging:

  • Complying with Regulation 1169/2011. Art 36.2:
    • Shall not mislead the consumer, as indicated in article 7
    • Shall not be ambiguous or misleading to consumers
    • It shall be based, as appropriate, on relevant scientific data
  • Based on ISO 20784:2021 Sensory analysis – Guidance on substantiation for sensory and consumer product claims


We remain at your disposal to explain in greater depth our services and experience in this type of studies.


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