sensory atypicality test

Consumers’ complaints are often received, indicating that the product they have purchased is not “as usual” or “as expected”. How can we be sure that the product complained of certainly does not have a sensory defect? Is it an isolated complaint? Is the whole batch affected?

The sensory atypicality test provides answers to these questions. This test evaluates the overall atypicality and each of the organoleptic characteristics (appearance, smell, taste, flavor, aroma and texture) of the samples, by a panel of tasters. The panel will be formed by tasters from the SILLIKER panel (trained according to ISO8586-1):

– Selected for their higher sensory sensitivity (acuity and discriminative ability).
– Trained in food evaluation in general.
– With continuous control and monitoring of the reliability of their responses.

Belén Cabanes – (
Sensory Analysis Department