Only 32% of consumers acknowledge having seen the nutri-score logo on a food product

Nutri-Score y el consumidor

The results of our last OPINNION show us that only 32% of our interviewees in the survey acknowledge having seen the NUTRI-SCORE logo printed on a food product.

This figure rises to 47% among young people aged between 18 and 34 years and is significantly higher than the figure obtained from consumers aged 35 to 54 years (30%) and 55 to 65 years (20%). There were no differences between men and women or between cities (Madrid – Barcelona).

The survey was carried out during the month of February at our Madrid and Barcelona Centres with a total of 317 consumers attending our sessions.

Of the consumers who acknowledge having seen the logo, 40% know that it is an indicator of the nutritional quality of the product. Of the remaining 60%, 25% do not know what it means, 24% think it is an indicator relating to that manufacturer’s respect for the environment, and 11% think it is an indicator relating to the quality of the product.

Asking consumers if they take this logo into account when deciding to buy similar products, about 50% stated that they take it very much or quite a lot into account. Among women, this figure is 60%, much higher than the importance given to it by men.

It should be noted that almost 70% of the consumers questioned would be willing to pay extra on the price of a product if it has a better Nutri-Score indicator, compared to another with a lower price. Again, among women, this willingness is 80%. Between the age groups, there are no appreciable differences.

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Nutri-Score and consumer

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