Análisis Sensorial España


The “sensory” management of your product is essential for its proper development, at any of its development stages. There are many methodologies and tests in sensory analysis that, with the results they provide, can help us in different ways. For example, there are also many different ways to carry out studies with consumers in order to obtain information about your product.

Organizing a study with consumers or carrying out a sampling with a panel of samplers within your company may seem like a simple task since one might think that you only have to arrange the samples, invite the consumers or samplers and ask their opinion about what it is you want to evaluate.

But are you sure of questions such as …

  • Are we using the most appropriate test and does it allow us to obtain answers to the question we want to ask?
  • Do the samplers have the basic skills and sensitivities necessary to carry out the sampling?
  • Is the number of samples, their order of presentation, temperature, sample quantity, etc., suitable or are we introducing errors and sensory fatigue?
  • Does the sampling sheet include all the attributes that we want to evaluate and does it allow the samplers to state their answers objectively?
  • Is the processing of the results suitable? Of the different applicable statistical tests, are we using a conservative method or a permissive method?
  • Is the interpretation of the results correct or are we drawing conclusions with an unknown error?
  • What quality control measures are we carrying out on our panel of samplers?
  • What quality control measures are we carrying out on the methodology?

Only through the correct design and execution of the test and the processing and interpretation of results, can we obtain reliable and objective information from a sensory analysis. Otherwise, we might be making decisions based on erroneous conclusions from organoleptic samplings.

We offer a sensory analysis technical consultation service with our experts whether for specific questions, for the complete review of your current sensory analyses, or fine-tuning of new methods, etc.

If you are interested in this service, please to contact us and we would be happy to look at your requirements in order to develop a specific comprehensive or phased proposal that will allow you to improve the positioning of your product on the market.