Mapa Sensorial de Producto - Free Choice Profile


Sometimes there is a need to quickly describe sensory differences between a number of products. If you do not have a trained panel of tasters, and it is not feasible to make the medium to long term investment to train one, you have the option of a Free Choice Profile.

We may find ourselves in this situation, for example:

  • After conducting a study with consumers, where due to the results obtained, an objective explanation of the results is urgently required, to observe their differences and how these have been able to generate differences in consumer preference.
  • Multi-product companies that require objective information to help them control the sensory quality of their products.
  • One-off sensory study of a product, which does not require data tracking.

The Free Choice Profile technique, allows, in a fast and efficient way to obtain product categorization. Methodology:

Phase I: Each taster generates and uses his or her own list of terms. It is assumed that tasters do not differ in how they perceive sensory characteristics, but in the way they express these differences.
Phase II: Each taster evaluates the different samples using the list of attributes he or she has generated. The samples are evaluated on those attributes with intensity scales.
– We obtain a sensory map like the one presented here:

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