Healthier and more sustainable products: Do they maintain consumers’ sensory preference?

There is a clear market trend to offer healthier, more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We observe how organic products, without preservatives, without palm oil, without excess fat, etc., occupy more and more space on supermarket shelves.     Changes in ingredients, changes in the manufacturing process, changes in the formulation of the product are

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Materials and objects in contact with food (packaging) as a source of potential contamination and sensory defects

The main purpose of food packaging is to protect the food it contains. However, their use is not free from hazards. As stated in Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, "any material or article intended to come into contact directly or indirectly with food must be sufficiently inert to

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Sensory Preference of the Consumer

Is my product preferred to that offered by my competitors?     In a competitive market, if the consumer doesn’t consider your product to be different and preferential, they will not hesitate to try other similar available alternatives. Buying behaviour is ever less faithful to brands and the consumer is continuously demanding a better quality/price

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Expert technical advice in sensory analysis

    The "sensory" management of your product is essential for its proper development, at any of its development stages. There are many methodologies and tests in sensory analysis that, with the results they provide, can help us in different ways. For example, there are also many different ways to carry out studies with consumers

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Training an expert tasting panel at your company

An expert tasting panel is the only tool that enables you to accurately and reliably visualize the sensory characteristics of your product. The sensory profiles obtained by the panel of samplers, experts in your product, will allow you to understand and compare its sensory properties. You will be able to compare different samples of the

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